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Keersha Winds

With a background in Psychology, Keersha began her study of massage in 1978 and worked for the New School of Massage in Sebastopol, CA.

Co-authored script for video presentation of “Feeling Good through Massage, The Edgar Cayce Way” for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) Virginia Beach, VA.(1987)

1978 - 1988 Private Physical Therapy Practice (Partnership), Glen Ellen, CA.

1979 - Founder and Director, Jupiter Hollow School of Massage, Glen Ellen, CA.

Workshop Leader from 1980 - 1988 for the Edgar Cayce Foundation including workshops at Asilomar, Ca. and the A.R.E. Clinic Symposium in Phoenix, AZ

To contact Keersha, please email her at: keersha@jupiterhollow.net


1995 - 2005 Staff Member, STAR Foundation, a non-profit Public Benefit Corporation. Personal Growth Workshops, Geyserville, CA.
As a bodyworker, Keersha focused bringing massage into this powerful personal growth workshop. As a Staff Member, she recognized the value of team effort in integrating bodywork with psychological/emotional work, and continues to develop ways to bring comfort and safety to inner work.


Julie Lane
- Certified Massage Instructor, State of California
- B.A. Psychology
- Reiki Master, Graduate Berkeley Psychic Institute
- C.M.T. Private Practice, Graduate of Jupiter Hollow
- Director, Teacher, Rainbow Pre-school.

Julie has been teaching with Keersha for eight years at Jupiter Hollow. Her inspiration is to bring a metaphysical focus to the practice of massage. As a clairvoyant and a Reiki Master, she has experienced working with the energetic elements of healing.

Julie shares an avid curiosity and enthusiasm with the students to better their personal experience and understanding of the connections between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of massage as it affects the whole person.


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